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Very many thanks to Kerin O’Keefe, the Italian editor of Wine Enthusiast, for her wonderful article about the wines from Alto Piemonte, including ours, which she wrote after chairing a historic wine tasting at Villa Era during Assaggio a Nord Ovest, in November. 

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Historic Nebbiolo wine tasting at Villa Era

An international group of critics and journalists had the chance to sample wines from the Rivetti, Sella, Montevacallo and Centovigne cellars, some of which dated back to the 19th century.

Villa Era 1887 Vigliano Biellese
Villa Era 1887 Vigliano Biellese

A very special thanks to Magnus Reuterdahl, a leading Danish wine writer who wrote this article about the wines of Northern Piedmont after visiting Villa Era for the historical wine tasting event.

Wine festival: Assaggio a Nord Ovest 2016

Silvia Rivetti talks to the press during the 2016 edition of Assaggio a Nord Ovest, an event designed to promote the terroir and wine-making tradition of the valleys and hills of Biella, in Northern Piedmont, Italy.

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